PitchTech LADSPA and VST Plugins

Ear-catching exotic and experimental audio effects

This is a collection of free LADSPA and VST plugins related to the PitchTech research project. The plugins can be downloaded for free. You can also listen to audio samples transformed by these plugins.

Download: PitchTechPlugins.7z (version 0.9.7, Release Notes)


Implemented audio effects:

Note that you will not find any "classical" audio effects in this plugins collection (such as reverberation, echo, phaser, graphic equalizer, distortions, filters, etc).


This plugin collection makes use of a modified version of jVSTwRapper 0.9f (a wrapper to write LADPSA/VST plugins in Java). Here you can download the sources of the modified version. The audio effects themselves are written 100% in Java. Source code is not available.

Audio examples

Original (untransformed) Music Excerpts:
Excerpts from: One Big Holliday
Author: My Morning Jacket
Album: The Wired CD: Rip. Sample. Mash. Share.
Audio Effect: Best for: Result:
Beat Filter (Mode: -1) Instrumental Listen Listen
Frequency Shift (Shift: -140.0; Filter: No) Any Listen Listen
Harmonizing (Ratio1-3: 0.8, 1.0, 1.2; Level1-3: 0.6, 0.6, 0.6) Any Listen Listen
Lift Echo (Pitch Shift: 1.05; Feedback Delay: 0.2; Feedback Level: 0.6; Global Level: 0.7) Any Listen Listen
Melody Extractor (Melody Level: 0.0; Background Level: 1.0; Amount: 12) Instrumental Listen Listen
Any Listen Listen
Pitch Shift (Ratio: 1.4; Quality: 5) Any Listen Listen
Robotize (Mode: 3) Voice Listen Listen
Rumple (Mode: 5, Strength: 2) Any Listen Listen
Sinus + Noise (Melody Level: 1.0; Noise Level: 0.0; Quality: 2; Noise Bias: 0.0) Instrumental Listen Listen
Smooth + Rough (Smooth Level: 0.0; Rough Level: 2.0; Ratio: 3.0) Any Listen Listen
Waterize (Extrema Level: 1.0; Middle Level: 0.0; Cut Loud: 3; Cut Soft: 75) Any Listen Listen
Whisperization (Strength: 0.75; Quality: 2) Voice Listen Listen

Release notes, 0.9.7

This project is not longer actively developped. You should not expect new plugins in the near future.

Version 0.9.7 is, after 7 years (!), only a minimal maintenance update, so that users can continue to use the plugins on newer systems:

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